PROTECT ELBERT COUNTY was first published in 2007 when a local developer planned to create a special water district to transport valuable water resources outside of Elbert County.  Through this website, email campaigns, and many other people's and organizations' efforts, over 1,100 Elbert County citizens attended a special commissioners' meeting in the fall of 2007 to hear public comments.  At the beginning of the meeting, the county attorney announced that the developer's lawyer had withdrawn their application.  They have failed to reapply.

Since that epic event, this website and email distribution list have been used multiple times to alert Elbert County citizens of threats to our county and our rural lifestyle, including the United Nations (UN) attack on liberty-loving citizens and rural communities through Agendas 21 - 2030.  

This website is the sole creation of John Seville, who has lived in Elizabeth, CO, with his wife Belinda, since 2005 and has repeatedly said that "moving to Elbert County was one of the best decisions of his life."  He proudly identifies as a conservative, constitutionalist, capitalist, and Christian.  This website and email campaigns will continue to promote better communication between our county government and citizens and promote educational events that support and encourage participation in our constitutional republic, the envy of liberty-loving citizens worldwide.


John Seville
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