American Subversion

A Resource for Critical Thinkers

American Subversion, a sister website to Protect Elbert County, is architected to be a resource for American Patriots and critical thinkers.  Citizens who self-identify as American conservatives, constitutionalists, (true free-market) capitalists, and Christians in many cases.  You will find American Subversion rich with videos, blogs, documents, links, recorded webinars, and forums.  All of these resources coming under 200+ topics when fully populated.  As of November 2021, we continue to upload content of all types making this new site more profound and intellectually stimulating with each passing week.  When we complete the initial uploads, there will be hundreds of pieces of content for your review. 

American Subversion is designed for busy professionals who need quick reads, executive summaries, and push notifications when new content is published.  All of the content on this website is beyond social media censorship and is backed-up using triple redundancy.  In many cases, social media platforms have censored the content available to you exclusively on

There are two requirements to be a subscriber to this website.  First, you must be Radically Open-Minded (ROM) and hungry for the truth, regardless of where it leads you or what changes you need to make.  Second, you must be Respectful of All Human Beings, including their ideas and opinions.  On, we attack positions, not people.  Character assassination is a tactic of social Marxists.  Explore American Subversion with a free 30-day trial by clicking here.

John Seville, Chief Editor