Elbert County STANDS UP! (2nd Meeting) - "Great Reject of the Great Reset"

Date: Jan 03, 2021,

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM MST

Location: Kiowa Creek Community Church, 231 Cheyenne St, Kiowa, CO 80117

About the Event:

Over 175 citizens attended the first meeting on Sunday, 12/13/2020. In the second meeting we will be covering the following topics:

  • What is going on in our country today?

  • Why are our Constitutional rights being ignored?

  • The harmful effects of lockdowns, restrictions, and more.

  • How are the people of the USA and world responding?

  • Why are so many resisting vaccine mandates?

  • What is impacting our local business owners?

Please RSVP for this FREE event at https://www.protectelbertcounty.org/event-details/elbert-county-stands-up-2nd-meeting-1 (cut & paste into a browser if necessary)


Help us get the word out by downloading, printing and posting information about the this meeting. You can download the poster by clicking on the following link.

Elbert County STANDS UP Poster for Jan
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